Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gulu District: Open for the Lord's Work

Sunday checking blood pressure of a young patient in Dino, Gulu District
Immediately after the Sunday service we boarded the bus for our trip to Gulu, Northern Uganda to begin the fieldwork phase of our trip. It was an exhausting 6-hour trip, but we were all glad to settle in our rooms in ‘Hotel Free Zone’.  The next day we were off to Dino, a remote part of Gulu District. Although the trip was expected to last 2.5 hours, it took us 3.5 hours because of the bad road condition. We set up our activities at a former war camp converted to a ‘supposedly’ local health care center that doesn't seem to be used often. Interestingly, there was a large crowd already waiting there for what has now become an annual ‘health fair’ for this region. We provided medical, dental and wound care, gave out medications and ministered to the children about the love of God. It was gratifying to see the relief on their faces. Glory be to God.
Jeremy demonstrating a science experiment for the kids at
Uganda Jesus Village.
FB post from Jeremy: Spent the last 2 days in Dino, remote Northern Uganda, doing medical clinics for people who essentially have no other source of healthcare. Got bitten and peed on by one little girl with acute Mzunguphobia, but all in a day's work... Doing the same in Arut for the next 3 days. Will be sure to keep my fingers away from small mouths!
NOTE: Mzungu is Swahili for white person.

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